We are a group of citizens committed to ensuring Yorktown’s long-term prosperity by balancing development with preservation of the town’s unique character.

 We believe that growth should be measured holistically, not just in terms of economic vitality. Our mission is to study proposals for major development projects in the town and share the impacts across a wide range of quality-of-life criteria. Yorktown SmartGrowth hopes to balance arguments shaped by the economic imperatives of developers and their associates.

 Yorktown Smart Growth’s mission is to publicize any planning application that could impact the overall quality of life in Yorktown.  It will also provide a forum for public debate over and above that provided by the official planning process and encourage the public oversight for which it is intended. As such Yorktown Smart Growth intends to complement the established planning process, not compete with it.

Yorktown Smart Growth goal is to promote the kind of growth that will benefit the long-term quality of life in Yorktown.

To this end we believe that the recently adopted Comprehensive Plan, on which the town invested tens of thousands of dollars and nearly a decade to produce, provides a valid roadmap for the future of Yorktown .

The organization is strongly influenced by the “new urban” movement, exemplified by such organizations as Strong Towns and Smart Growth America, which look to the future where factors such as sustainability and denser, mixed-use communities must increasingly substitute for sprawl. Towns that adopt these new planning parameters will become the economic engines in the 21st century and be nicer places in which to live.

Additional information is available on the organization’s website: www.wix.com/smartgrowth/yorktown.

Become involved in making Yorktown a more livable community now and in the future.


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